About Us
Our Mission

Vinicola San Nazaro was founded as a traditional winery for the production and selling of Lambrusco wine. It undertook significant steps some years ago, so that it is now a leader in the production of authentic, high quality wines, musts and must concentrates, which can satisfy new market needs.
Vinicola San Nazaro produces and sells: fresh and/or desulphurized white and red musts; concentrated white, red, dark red - rossissimi - musts; deionized grape juice; white, red, rosé table wines; dark red - rossissimi - wines; full-bodied wines with high content of extracts and polyphenols; and wines with a Geographical Indication - DOP (Protected Origin Denomination) and IGP (PGI Protected Geographical Indication).
Most of our products are sold in bulk or packaged in aseptic drums, and our typical customers are wineries and bottlers. Vinicola San Nazaro operates in three owned factories located in strategic areas for winemaking; of these, the plant in Arco (Trento) is used only as a warehouse, that in Rubiera (Reggio Emilia) is the administrative headquarters, and that in Pegognaga (Mantua) is the main production plant.

Our goal is to produce increasingly high-quality products, which can meet special demands from both Italian and foreign clients thanks to the know-how we have reached over the years and the help of our staff experts in using our cutting edge wine production plants, with the utmost respect for the environment.
In order to achieve this goal, we pay particular attention to raw materials coming from qualified, accredited suppliers, we increasingly keep our equipment updated and our laboratory efficient in order to carry out non-stop, in-depth checks of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.
The continuous training and involvement of our staff, in full respect for their health and rights, and our flexible, dynamic organisation are the key points for a good planning of all processes, to obtain genuine, high quality products.


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