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We propose different types of table wines, which are noted for fresh, fruity aromas and different colour intensities. They are obtained by cold fermentation of soft pressed must. All products can be stabilised and micro-filtered in order to obtain clear wines ready for bottling.


They are typically light straw-yellow coloured, with intense floral, fruity flavours and good total acidity. They can also undergo a second fermentation to obtain sparkling wines.

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Also rosé wines can be used as a base for sparkling wines due to their proper aromas and high total acidity. Some have neutral vinous aromas, which may be used with other wines with different characteristics.


Our red wines are noted for fresh, fruity flavours or neutral, vinous aromas. The use of highest quality raw materials allow us to obtain finished products with different intensities of colouring, ranging from purplish-violet - typical of Lambrusco and Ancellotta grapes – to darker colourings typical of aged wines. We can also offer products that are aged in barrels for longer or shorter periods of time.

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