The Vinicola San Nazarowinery in Pegognaga, province of Mantua, spreads over a total area of 30.000 square meters. Its storage capacity has steadily increased over time up to the current volume of 230.000 hectolitres.
The “historic” area of the winery has a capacity of 50.000 hectolitres thanks to concrete tanks vitrified with alimentary epoxy resins, which are partly underground in order to keep the internal storage temperature constant throughout the year.
Tanks in AISI 316 stainless steel have been installed around the central building, most of which are equipped with jacketed heat exchangers to cool or heat products in summer and winter - the installed refrigerators can develop 1 million frigories.

The following equipment is available:

  • Machines for filling tanks with an inert gas (nitrogen), in order to avoid the oxidation of products in contact with atmospheric oxygen;
  • Vertical vinification tanks of various sizes, to optimize the extraction and vinification phases; the process parameters can be modified upon clients’ request;
  • Different types of cross-flow filters with spiral membranes or hollow fibres of various size, and one isobaric cross-flow microfiltration system that is used to reach the highest degree of limpidity in sparkling wines. These systems have replaced the former diatomaceous earth filtration systems with positive results such as a remarkable reduction in residual solids, a better protection of the environment and increasingly clear products;
  • Different types of low temperature desulfurization plants for the protection of our products’ characteristics. They can be used together with a multi-concentration plant that helps us have a flash concentration, an important process that protects wines from deterioration and avoids the development of "cooked" flavours. After the sedimentation of tartrates, these final products are ready to be filtered and aseptically packaged;
  • Must rectification system;
  • Group of pressure tanks for the wine sparkling process;
  • Drum filler including an aseptic and modified atmosphere packaging system for musts and must concentrates.