A Century-Old History

The origin of Vinicola San Nazaro dates back to the first half of the last century. The family Denti, which owned vineyards in the countryside of Reggio Emilia, used to produce wine for the family and sell the surplus on the local market. Then, they started to transport their wine barrels on wagons to the railway station in Reggio Emilia and from there to Milan.


The brothers Roberto and Artemio guessed that the production and trade of wine had prospects of success. So, in the second half of the last century, they bought a winery in Rubiera, in the province of Reggio Emilia, to produce wine from local grapes and then sell it wholesale to companies in Emilia-Romagna and Lombardy.


When even the Rubiera winery became insufficient for their ongoing wine production, the two brothers moved to Pegognaga, in the province of Mantua, into an already existing large winery that had prospects of expansion.


A new factory was opened in Riva del Garda, in the province of Trento, in order to reach new market areas and produce different types of wine.


The experience of the founders, especially Roberto, was then followed by the second generation, Giuseppe and Giuseppina, who introduced new production and quality control technologies into their traditional winery, which led Vinicola San Nazaro to become a leader in the production of wines, grape musts and concentrated grape musts.


The company has always invested in research, technology and human resources, managing to sell high-level products all over the world. It was in these years that the third generation also arrived in the company, bringing with them innovative and growth-oriented visions.


Vinicola San Nazaro continues to grow and to succeed in Italy and around the world thanks to the implementation of new systems and cutting-edge technologies, aimed at obtaining quality and environmentally friendly products, while maintaining a strong link with tradition . The result achieved is the result of Roberto's experience, the renewal of his son and daughter and the continuity of the new generation, now fully committed in the company.