Products / Lambrusco PGI

Lambrusco is historically the most valuable and important wine of our production in terms of quantity and quality. Since 2013, following the new provisions providing that sparkling process is carried out within the protected geographical area we are part of, PGI Lambrusco has been available in different variants: dry, sweetened (product ready for re-fermentation), still or sparkling (ready to be bottled). All variants may be micro-filtered by means of state-of-the-art cross-flow filtration plants that allow us to get clear wines, ready for bottling.

Main types of Lambrusco in our production:
PGI Emilia

Expression of the Emilia Region, it is noted for fresh, floral aromas - the typical violet flavour -, light body and high acidity.

PGI Mantova

In contrast to Lambrusco Emilia, Lambrusco Mantova has more texture and body, with fresh, fruity aromas that are well compensated by a significant tannic texture and noticeable acidity.